Welcome to Deadbeatguitarist.com

Welcome to Deadbeatguitarist.com – A personal web space for Steve Baer –  aka deadbeat guitarist.

I’m working at getting an RSS feed going for Open Source Musician and my personal podcast – The Deadbeat Guitarist Monologues. I also plan to post my own music content here as well.

Keep checking back as I promise there will be interesting things happening. 🙂

Take care,



  • WordPress is the work of the devil.

  • Perhaps… It’s like running Ubuntu – sometimes you want to be lazy. 😉

  • Cool website, I like the artwork in the background.

  • Thanks amstan,
    I do too – but what I don’t like is the microphone on the headset – its a bit cheesy. I just haven’t gotten around to editing the template… I take no credit for it btw, I got it from the WordPress template archive… web design for the fail. 😉 I just thought I might blog more and do more if the site was easy to maintain… So far , its hard to say. It *is* more interactive thought so that’s positive.

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