Tofino Brewing – Hoppin’ Cretin IPA

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The prelude: Today’s beercast was an experiment.   I cracked a brew while cooking Chili – which was fun – however, it created some audio peril.  Nonetheless I’m still sipping the beer hours later and enjoying the chili I made so I think it was worth it.  Please ignore the screaming children in the background – I assure you they weren’t mine, nor were the being tortured – at least not to my knowledge.

The Smellovision Audio Edition:  For freedom loving operating systems and browsers only.

The Pour:  Golden elixer with ample thick pillow head curing all that ales you. 😉

Yummy Brew - Tofino Brewing - Hoppin' Cretin IPA

Yummy Brew – Tofino Brewing – Hoppin’ Cretin IPA

The Aroma:  Nice hoppy citrus notes – pineapple, tart apple and lemon with mild malting.

The Taste:  Very nice, not as hoppy as it could be.  Which is nice if you have to finish the 650ML bottle all yourself.  Medium body mouthfeel, bitterness strikes the tongue immediately during the sip.  This is a quality fresh tasting beer.

Conclusions:   I visited the actual brewery in Tofino and tasted all their wares right out of the keg on the easter long weekend.  The staff on-hand that day were cool and eager to provide sample taster cups.  It should be noted it was busy there despite the pouring rain.

I recommend this beer as a repeat buy along with the Tofino Brewing Tuff Session Ale.  Cheers all.