Winter Ale by Lighthouse Brewing

In my previous post I eluded to receiving the last 12 beers of the 2013 beer advent calendar as a gift – It’s the gift that keeps on giving really. 😉 Let’s queue up Today’s tasting shall we?

The beer I’ve got in the glass Today is from Lighthouse Brewing

The beer pours a deep dark copper with minimal head. I quite like the aroma which consists of deep roasted malts, chocolate covered blueberries and some molasses.

Winter Ale - Lighthouse Brewing

Winter Ale – Lighthouse Brewing

Let’s give it a taste.

It’s quite a light brew in terms of carbonation and mouthfeel – more drinkable than I expected. I don’t mean it in a way of it’s devoid of flavour or anything like that. It’s just that some beers dubbed ‘winter ale’ tend to have a lot of spices and this one does not. Decent beer all told – the malt, chocolate and molasses are all there however its more tangy than the aroma led on. Not necessarily a rebuy for me but that has more to do with there being so many new and exciting beers to try. So not a bad stop along the way.

See you next time. Cheers!