DBGM #09 – Surgenor Red House Ale, Williams Bros Brewing, KXStudio, Traverso, Protrekkr, Chordbot, Winamp.

DBGM #09 – Surgenor Red House Ale, Chordbot, Beer for Dogs!

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Surgenor Red House Ale compliments of Paul and Penny Vroom of Aquatec Seafoods in Comox BC.

Surgenor Brewing Company
Direct link to the beer itself

Beer Advocate:
Beer advocate findings on the beer

Personal findings:
Colour: Dark amber
Aroma: Toasty malty – minimal hops
Summary: The pour yields a good amount of head that discipates quickly. Nice roasty malt flavour with minimal presence of hops and an easy drinking level of carbonation.
Letter grade: B+ Tasty indeed.

Gratuitous beer shot:

Sergenor Red House Ale

Sergenor Red House Ale

BEER #2:
Freenode IRC user rowinggolfer sent in this fantastic review of a ginger beer made by williambros brewing. rowinggolfer is an active member of the linux and free and open source software world including some podcasts and producing dental software called openmolar.

BEER UPDATE: Call out for beer reviews from the community!

Beer for Dogs?? You bet – irc user Anchakor provides us with this comedic link of the cast.

KXStudio adds TAL VST plugins – tested the reverb – sounded and looked good.

Traverso DAW – coming along, interesting keyboard shortcuts

For those interested in a free and open source Tracker style music app that runs on Windows, Linux, Amiga OS4, AROS and Mac OSX,
check out Protrekkr. It’s based off of the same original codebase Renoise was based on – which is from a app called NoiseTrekker.
To get it running under KXStudio Linux 10.04:
1. Install libjackasyn0
2. Download and unzip source unzip modules.zip file into modules dir
3. Open a terminal window in that location and issue: jacklaunch ./ptk_linux
4. Have fun. 🙂

Android pick: Comes from [lsd] in #opensourcemusicians Chordbot. Chordbot is a slick application that lets you build chord progressions and decide on styles and time signatures to play it back

Android pick: Winamp (beta) media player. Yes, the much loved player on Windows that many of us got familiar with back on Windows 98 and was the defacto player for many years is now on Android. Unlike the current Windows version, the Android version is very fast. Although it’s a ‘beta’ app, it has yet to crash on me.

KXStudio Wifi Reliability Tip

Hello all,

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the linux audio distribution called KXStudio and that I think it’s where the future of Linux Audio should be heading. The distro while pretty solid does have a few slight annoyances – namely – I had breakage occur fairly regularly with my Wifi on my HP Mininote 110 netbook. I spoke to Falktx about this and he gave me the following suggestion and it seems to have resolved my networking issues.

Open a terminal window and key in the following and press Enter afterwards:

sudo apt-get install plasma-widget-networkmanagement

You will notice it removes the kde network manager and uses this widget in its place. Log out and log back into KXStudio and you will then be able to add a widget to your taskbar called NetworkManager.

Presto – wifi now is reliable again and the widget looks cooler anyways 😉

Addendum: If that isn’t working out for you, as of Nov. 4th /2010 updates you can install wicd instead : sudo apt-get install wicd , after that is finished, issue sudo apt-get remove network-manager network-manager-kde plasma-widget-networkmanagement … reboot and wicd should autolaunch on startup.

KXStudio rocks my socks off

KXStudio is an audio focused Linux distribution based off of Kubuntu 10.04, and for the past week  I have been living in KXStudio on my HP Mininote.

I must confess in advance to not being a KDE 4 fan in the past,  but after living the dream in KXStudio, I’m hitting the KDE Koolaid and hitting it hard.

Sure, I could rave on about the beauty of the desktop environment and how it really enhances my work flow, but I’ll move onto the main reason I think this is an important milestone in Linux audio.

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