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So the other day I was chatting with my wife, her  sister and  mother.  The conversation somehow turns to music and songwriting and one of them asks – where is the Leonard Cohen of today?

First I had to ask myself what that really meant.  I think to sum it up it would be someone who writes amazing poetry and puts it to good music.

There really is only one Leonard Cohen or say, one Bob Dylan.

However, there are  I think good lyricists/musicians, Ben Folds comes to mind as does Hawksley Workman.

I do find something  about this question interesting, but it’s not the hunt for a new Leonard Cohen, its more to do with the enjoyment of music based on the strength of the lyrics.

Lyrics to the song are very important to some people,  and if the lyrics aren’t good, the song won’t interest them – yet to me, the melody,  interesting chords and phrasing are of greater importance.

The way the words tumble out and mingle with each other, not so much the lyrical content, or the way the melody sits against the chords are of primary interest to me.  This is not to say the lyrics aren’t important to me, I can appreciate good lyrics when I see/hear them and that adds to the overall tastiness of a song, but I won’t hate on a song just because the words aren’t clever.

That said, I’m sure there is some overlap and sliding scale because people who value the lyrics greatly will still reject a song with good lyrics if music is terrible to the  ears.

In fact, this segues a bit is into my new mission. To analyze the ingredients of a memorable pop song – in fact – I want to write an unabashedly catchy pop song.   Like sugary cereal or cotton candy – almost zero substance to it but addictive like crack.

The next post will detail my analysis of what key ingredients are needed to make a catchy pop song,  I must add – by identifying what they are, I can’t guarantee I will come up with a good poppy song, but it will be an interesting exercise, and I will share my findings in the form of a song.


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