DBGM #08 – St Peter’s Honey Porter, Beer Wars, Air Guitar Nation, Qtractor.

DBGM #08 – St Peter’s Honey Porter, Beer Wars, Air Guitar Nation, Qtractor.

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St Peter’s Brewery

Beer Advocate:
Beer advocate findings on the beer

Personal findings:
Colour: Dark brown – bordering black
Aroma: Woah! That’s different. Floral, sweet, perfumy.
Summary: Wow – that is so different… Lavender? Rose Pedal? Some kind of floral action going on here. Comes in a cool and funky bottle, but don’t let this fool you – the styling is all upscale and so are the ingredients but woah what a weird tasting beer – and not in a good way.
Letter grade: C – This is weird stuff.

Gratuitous beer shot:

St Peter’s Honey Porter

St Peter’s Honey Porter

Movie: Beer Wars (2009) Documentary
Cool documentary on the craft brewers movement and the (at the time) big 3 American brewing companies trying to squash it. Good film – very upsetting to see yet again how large corporations are evil but you can’t keep a good craft brewer down – thankfully.

Movie: Air Guitar Nation:
Make Air not War – Follow American Air Guitar champions to the Finnish world finals. Great movie – exciting and fun – check it out. I found myself surprised by how much performance art their is in Air Guitar.

Qtractor the other big Linux daw.. . Cool beans – this episode is done in it. Some features I like are the ability to track in ogg or flac codecs as opposed to straight wav file – audio purists be damned. This allows you to save hard disk space if you aren’t tracking on very good equipment. Another cool feature is the ability to archive a session to a zip file from within Qtractor itself. It creates a qtz file which has all the raw audio files and the xml file of changes to them. This feature is in the current svn repository as of November 7/2010. The main use case for this feature is that it allows you to move an entire session from 1 computer to another with ease.

For tutorials on using Qtractor, check this out:

Android Pick : Jamendo streaming music app. Check out the top 100 songs on Jamendo – some great material in there.

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