DBGM Episode #03 – Android – Network Discovery. Beer Reviews: HSB Heffy and Driftwood Ale

Deadbeat Guitarist Monologues Episode #03 – Android App – Network Discovery. Beer Reviews: Howe Sound Brewing – King Heffy and Driftwood Brewing – Driftwood Ale.

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Android App:
Network Discovery

Beer #1:
Howe Sound Brewing – King Heffy
Brewery web site: http://www.howesound.com

Unfiltered – As far as Hefeweizen goes – you’d be hard pressed to find a better one than this. BC Craft Brewed in Squamish.

Howe Sound Brewing - King Heffy

Howe Sound Brewing - King Heffy

Beer #2:
Driftwood Brewing – Driftwood Ale
Brewery web site: http://driftwoodbeer.com/

Pours a lager-ish color, seems a cross between a pale ale and an IPA with the citrus aroma and extra hops. Decent beer – doesn’t take a lot of chances but a solid outing.

Driftwood Brewing - Driftwood Ale

Driftwood Brewing - Driftwood Ale

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