Deadbeat Guitarist Mugcast #13 – Crabbies Ginger Beer – Gateway Beer? Auphonic Goodness! Puppy Linux Rescues a Netbook.

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Brew of the cast:
Crabbies Spiced Orange Alcoholic Ginger Beer
This beer is awesome. I like it better than regular ginger ale for sure and of course it has the added benefit of a bit of alcohol to get your buzz on. Highly recommended.

Woohoo Tasty Brew!

Woohoo Tasty Brew!

Puppy Linux rescues my harddriveless hp mini and breathes new life into it. After trying to install Ubuntu on a USB stick and even Crunchbang and turning off journaling on the filesystem, I checked Puppy Linux as a last resort before binning the netbook. Sure enough, Puppy Linux is as fast as ever and is a joy to use on USB. I highly recommend if you have an aging netbook that needs a boost to try out puppy.

Props to Auphonic for making such a great service to take audio content and get it podcast ready from tagging, encoding and uploading. I gather they may release their work as LV2 plugins which would be great news for those using Ardour and LV2 plugins.

Cheers and see you next time. πŸ™‚


  • Very entertaining!!!

  • Well done! Just miss the music intro πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for the feedback. Trying to podcast this way had a few purposes.

    1. To see if I could do a live off the floor podcast without an edit.

    2. To see if I could record on my hp mininote running Puppy Linux.

    3. To see if Auphonic did a good job cleaning up the audio file I uploaded and to see if it could post it to my website. To see if it had a place in my podcast workflow

    What did I learn?

    1. I learned that I can do a reasonable job without an edit but an edit does indeed provide a better listening experience.

    2. Yes I can record a short and simple podcast on my netbook without a harddrive running Puppy Linux from USB stick. So if I was traveling or away from home this would be a feasible way to continue to podcast.

    3. Auphonic does do a good job however until it can accept the ability to upload an intro and outro or until the service is directly embedded into the recording software you use, it’s not going to have a place in my workflow.

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