Beer Review – Lighthouse Dark Chocolate Porter

I’ve got to thank my father for contributing this tasty brew for review. It was a leftover from our last tasting and although I tried to get him to keep it till the next time I came by, he insisted I leave with it.

Here it is, in all it’s glory.

Well, what can we say about said pictured brew? We can start with, YUM!
Let’s get into the visual shall we?

The beer poured the colour of black strap molasses and had minimal (perhaps a pinkies worth) head.

Aroma: Totally awesome big rich chocolate nose with liquor like intensity. I love this, its not just chocolate but truly dark chocolate – rich and deep.

Taste: The taste is big and bold, much like the aroma. It’s got the right mix of a beer base with aspects of dark chocolate. The carbonation seems mild, yet it tickles the tongue on the way down. I’d love to try this with a chocolate mousse – perhaps next time.

I think Lighthouse has hit the bullseye on this one, this is a delicious Chocolate Porter and I highly recommend it. If you can, share it with a friend as it’s a bit much to drink all by yourself. Just saying – besides, who doesn’t like a little company?

Cheers. 🙂