Over the Moon for Tranquility IPA???

Beer Review – Moon Under Water Brewery – Tranquility IPA

This beer review is dedicated to Thorkild and Martin – partly because they gifted me with it, but mostly because they are two of the awesomest people you might have a chance to meet in your lifetime. Martin and Thorkild – Thank you for visiting your Canadian friends, you and the rest of the crew helped remind me I am more than my commitments. It’s definitely our turn to visit you in your homeland so consider it added to the bucket list.

Now, lets focus on the task at hand.

I’m staring at an inviting bottle of Tranquility IPA from the Moon Under Water Brewery based out of Victoria, BC, Canada. Chilled and now out of the fridge it’s just reached the perfect tasting temperature so let’s crack it open…. OH – wait, it should be noted, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a completely light blue bottle cap before – perhaps that’s there signature thing.

Ok, back to it.

The pour: Woah! lots of head, thick and pillowy. It has taken a few minutes for it to dissolve back into itself so retention is good.

Tasty IPA from Moon Under Water Brewery

Tasty IPA from Moon Under Water Brewery

Let’s check the aroma. YUMMMY! Has a slight hint of yeast, nice helping of hops with a smattering of citrus. Heck even the fruit flies want a piece of this brew. Let’s rescue it from a horrible fate.

The Sip: Ohhh, Very Nice! Smoother than expected. Mild carbonation, light mouthfeel, gentle malt profile and there it is – the bitter bite of hops on the finish. This is a very nice brew indeed.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There’s no shortage of tasty IPA’s local to the province of BC, and this one right here is one more you can add to that list.

I’m going to finish this one off. Drink responsibly everyone – and Cheers.

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