Beeroween 2012 – Day 1 – Elysian Brewing – Mens Room Original Red

Hello friends,

It’s Beeroween time. This year, we celebrate the 6 Spectres of Beeroween.

Big props to the Great Ghoul for providing this tasty spooky themed brew.

Elysian – Mens Room Original Red

To hear the audio review, click Play below. For the text review, keep reading, although I encourage you to ignore the text if possible and use your ears to virtually experience the review. Think of it as the enhanced version.

Light amber brew with several thumbs full of head that laces down the cup. This beer has a fairly nice nose to it but not overly complex. A slightly sweet malt with a gentle bitter finish makes this beer a good one to pair with a wide variety of meals. It would probably lend itself well to a pairing with a burger and fries.

Happy Beeroween everyone. 🙂

The following sound samples were used courtesy of
Sketchy2 by NoiseCollector, large_creaking_door by Gregswinford, big_lightning_with_dc_strike by Ionizing, Haunting sequence in G# by afleetingspec. horror ambience 14 by klankbeeld.

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