Beeroween 2012 – Day 5 – Howe Sound Brewing – PumpkinEater Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Hello friends,

It’s Beeroween time. This year, we celebrate the 6 Spectres of Beeroween.

Big props to the Great Ghoul for providing this tasty brew.

Howe Sound Brewing - PumpkinEater Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Howe Sound Brewing – PumpkinEater Imperial Pumpkin Ale


To hear the audio review, click Play below. For the plain text, keep reading, although I encourage you to ignore the text if possible and use your ears to virtually experience the review. Think of it as the enhanced version.



Text review:
I’ve got a bit of a connection to Howe Sound Brewing – very remote I might add, but I met Microbrew pioneer Frank Appleton via my mother as a child. Frank and HSB’s John Mitchell spearheaded the resurgence of Microbrewing in BC. I was quite fascinated as a child to see Frank had his beer patched in a spout right next to his faucet. But let’s get back on track with looking at the beer.

It pours a wonderful copper colour with a good helping of head that disappears as fast as it arrives. I battled to get a picture before it went away. The aroma is deep and malty with the Halloween spicing of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg star anise.

Let’s taste. Yummy. This reminds me a bit of the Winter Ale HSB makes. It’s also a slow sipping beer with deep malt and rich spicing that you would probably want to keep to a 2 glass maximum. It’s actually quite delicious but you’d treat it more like an after dinner beer to mellow out with like you might do with a scotch.

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See you next time for Beeroween Day 6. 🙂
Happy Beeroween everyone.

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