Beeroween 2012 – Day 4 – Granville Island Brewing – Limited Release Saison

Hello friends,

It’s Beeroween time. This year, we celebrate the 6 Spectres of Beeroween.

Big props to the Great Ghoul for providing this tasty brew.

Granville Island Brewing Saison

Granville Island Brewing Saison

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Text Review

Paper Baggin it?

This brew showed up in a funky paper bag – a gift from the Great Ghoul when I wasn’t looking.
On the 4th day of Beeroween,the great ghoul gave to me, something with not a pumpkin to be seen.

Indeed this is true, it’s not a pumpkin beer, but it’s halloweeny in that it’s in an orange bottle. 😉

This Saison beer is a limited release from Granville Island

Brewing and I am eager to try it as I thoroughly enjoyed the last GIB beer I had last Winter called Jolly Abbott.

Let’s pour. Lots of thick pillowy dense foam on this one, looks like a Hefe underneath all that – no floaties but translucent.

Let’s Smell. Spicy/Fruity/Sour (raisins, grapes, sour apple).

Let’s Taste. Oh that’s very nice! Less peppery than another local Saison – more subtle. Medium tight carbonation – initial sip sour fruit dancing on the sides of my tongue, finishes tart with a slight sweetness.

Definitely worth the buy. It’s a limited release so it might be tricky to find but it’s probably a good foray into the Saison style if you haven’t tried one.

Well that’s all for now. See you next time for Beeroween Day 5. 🙂
Happy Beeroween everyone.

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