Beeroween 2012 – Day 3 – Wychwood Brewery – Hobgoblin Legendary Ruby Beer

Hello friends,

It’s Beeroween time. This year, we celebrate the 6 Spectres of Beeroween.

Big props to the Great Ghoul for providing this tasty spooky themed brew.

Beeroween 2012 - Day 3 - Wychwood Brewing - Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

Beeroween 2012 – Day 3 – Wychwood Brewing – Hobgoblin Ruby Beer

To hear the audio review, click Play below. For the plain text, keep reading, although I encourage you to ignore the text if possible and use your ears to virtually experience the review. Think of it as the enhanced version.


Text Review:

I’ve got myself a Whychwood Brewing Hobgoblin Ruby Beer, which is declared unofficially by the brewery to be the chosen beer for Halloween.
Well, I suppose they can claim anything they like, but what matters in the end is taste.

Lets take a look at the bottle, the artwork is pretty groovy, there is a good representation of a colourful hobgoblin on the label.

The beer weighs in at 5.2% alc/vol and pours a ruby red and is topped with a thumb and a half of head that dissipates quickly. The aroma has a fruitiness (perhaps raisins) atop a deep malty base. The sip is interesting – smooth, creamy, mildly carbonated. I find myself wondering if there were any hops in this beer. There is a subtle tang but after looking at the label the only ingredients are barley and malt. Not sure the flavour is very halloweeny but the artwork surely is.

This is a tasty beer and a welcome excursion away from the usual big flavour/big hoppy beers I tend to gravitate to. I would seek this one out again when I am looking for a mellow malt sipping brew and you might want to as well.
Well that’s all for now. See you on next time for Beeroween Day 3. :)
Happy Beeroween everyone.

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  • Hahahahahaha(cough) hahahahaha – It was meant to be creepy. That’s the idea isn’t it? Cheers ~ The Great Ghoul. (PS nice work – you’ve got a good thing goin’ on there!)

  • OMG! The Great Ghoul herself! Yes indeed I like it – a creepy beername for a creepy season. It’s a beautiful thing.

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