Beermas 2013-2014 – Day 01 – Star Struck Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Beermas 2013-2014 – Day 01 –  Star Struck Rye IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

We are back in Beermas my friends.  Kicking off Beermas 2013-2014 on Day 01 is Star Struck IPA by Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers.

First and foremost, thanks to my lovely wife for gifting me this brew.

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Let’s get started!

The Bottle: It has got some cool artwork – a groovy looking cat with long hair,  glasses and a ‘stache… Reminds me of…. well ME many moons ago.  I feel a kinship with this fellow on the bottle.  Speaking of the bottle it’s the usual 650 ML Bottle and weighs in at 7% alc./vol.

The Star Struck Moment: I actually had a memory trigger at the title of the brew.  I had my own Star struck moment.  I was at a guitar clinic where on of my favorite musicians, Canadian blues/rock/reggae master singer songwriter guitarist Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar, he had wrapped up and was signing autographs.  Well, all I had with me was my cool brown leather coat, so I took it off and placed it on the table.  I was so Star Struck, all I could say to him was – Can you please sign my coat…<pause>  I just got it at a church rummage sale.

Sigh – he looked at me and smiled graciously and said after a pause, “Cool Man”… He signed it and off I went, sauntering away feeling foolish but stoked I got my coat signed.  Actually – I kinda dig that though – I feel like the spirit of rock and roll is with me whenever I put that coat on so it didn’t work out too badly.

Ok, let’s get back to our focus here.

The Beer:  Here’s what it looks like.  Now let’s crack it open.

Star Struck Rye IPA - Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

Star Struck Rye IPA – Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

The Pour:  Let’s giver a pour.   Nothing unexpected – looks like an IPA. Thumb and a half full of head.  Colouring is golden.  Smells delicious – citrusy but a sweetness is also in there.

Quoting from the bottle “Let the incredible tangerine, candied apricot and tropical aroma take you deep into a lasting citrus bitterness with toasty rye undertones”… Interesting, perhaps that sweetness I detected in the aroma was the candied apricot they are referring to.

Let’s taste:   Smooth, drinkable, digging deep I am getting the candied apricot and you don’t have to dig for the bitter smack of the hops on the aftertaste.  Very nice indeed – Another solid local IPA to add to the list.

Would I buy it again?  Yes.

I should mention that they propose some food pairings on the bottle, to quote: “Suggested Food Pairing Ideas: Smoked Gouda, Jerk Chicken, Genoa Salami, Walnut and Tangerine Salad, STicky Toffee Pudding” .

Hmm.   Too bad all I have to pair with this tasty brew is the nasty food of the cast – Kralfredo Dinner.  Yup – it’s what it sounds like – leftover Kraft Dinner with leftover Alfredo Sauce… Why am I eating this… I’m not sure – it was in the fridge and it’s Friday and I didn’t want to cook.  I’m sure you’re wondering – was it tasty?

NO.  But I’m hungry so I’ll eat it. 😉

The Food:

Kralfredo Dinner

Kralfredo Dinner

Cheers everyone.  See you on Beermas 2013-2014 – Day 02!

Freesound audio file used in the this episode:
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