Beermas 2012-2013 – Day 11 – Russell Brewing – Naughty and Spiced!

The Beer:
Russell Brewing – Naughty and Spiced

Russell Brewing - Naughty and Spiced

Russell Brewing – Naughty and Spiced




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The Text Breakdown:

Visual – Funky bottle, lady dressed as santa but in a much skimpier outfit. She’s got a bag full of brew and a naughylist.  Nearly black pour with minimal head.

Aroma – Vanilla, I think I’m catching the aged oak. There’s allspice maybe.

Taste – A unique winter beer experience.  Mildly carbonated porter, less weighty on the tongue than I expected.  The beer grew on me as I made my way through it.  The flavour is complex. There is vanilla, allspice  and perhaps a slight smoky flavour which could come from the aged woodchips but there’s also a sweetness and then a slightly tangy finish which then leaves the tongue slightly numbed.  In the audio review I may not have expressed that I would buy it again, but its a curious experience and I just might want to visit this beer again.


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