Beermas 2012-2013 – Day 10 – Driftwood Brewing – Farmhand Ale

The Beer:

Farmhand Ale by Driftwood Brewing.

Driftwood Brewing - Farmhand Saison

Driftwood Brewing – Farmhand Saison






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The Text Breakdown:

Visual – Small amount of head, pours with great clarity, I can see through it.

Aroma – Fruity and Spicy. Smells like a Belgian brew.

Taste – Oh this is the Elixer of the gods.  Yes its fruity and spicy but so well balanced. If I could brew a beer this good one day I would be very pleased with myself.  Very refreshing.  Repeat and Repeat and Repeat buy material. 🙂  Can you tell I like this beer?


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