Beermas 2012-2013 – Day 1 – Back in Beermas with Driftwood Brewing’s Mad Bruin Sour Brown Ale

The Beer:
Driftwood Brewing – Mad Bruin Sour Brown Ale

Mad Bruin Sour Brown Ale

Mad Bruin Sour Brown Ale

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The Text Breakdown:
Aroma – Wow – this is sour keys kind of sour and I swear I’m catching some Cider.
Taste – Confirmed – this is a lambic style brew – you got to like this style or you are going to be in for one hell of a surprise. It’s sour, tangy, fruity, ciderish, dry. If you like a lambic brew this will be great. If not then you will wish you hadn’t bought it.

That said, I think Driftwood has done a good job of this brew, not my cup of tea but it did grow on me as I stuck it out and continued to drink it. sound samples used in intro: 110642__canucklovingbrit__santa-ho-ho-ho-2.wav and 44293__benjaminflack__sleigh-bells.wav

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