Beer Review – Lighthouse Brewing – Deckhand Belgian Saison

Today’s beer comes by way of Sue. Thank you Sue – you treat me far too well.


I have a confession to make – I’ve got a BIG soft spot for the Belgian beers. I’m not going to lie, with the higher alcohol content and the exotic yeast, it makes for a heady and unique experience for a country fellow like myself raised in a town where mass produced lagers were the only beers to be found at the local store.

Today I sample Lighthouse Brewing’s – Deckhand Belgian Saison. The brew comes in a 650ml bottle and packs a punch at 8% alc/vol. Don’t let that scare you away, this is a tasty brew worth the buy.

The beer pours with ample head and has a peppery and fruity aroma. The big flavour doesn’t hold back and delivers the same spicy, fruity, peppery taste with a slightly sour and dry finish.

This makes for another fine BC microbrew in this Belgian style. If you like this style of beer, I highly recommend my favorite local Saison from Driftwood Brewing called Farmhand Ale.

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