Beer Review: HSB Super Jupiter Grapefruit IPA is Out of this World!

Yup… I went there. Cheesy link bait I know, but lets not talk about my propensity for silly wordplay, lets get into the details of todays beer for review.

HSB Super Jupiter Grapde Fruit IPA

Yum! HSB Super Jupiter IPA

This beer was gifted to me by my lovely wife for Valentines Day. Lucky for me we live in the very town where this great beer was brewed, so whatever they offer that doesn’t hit the liquor store I can get at the brewpub.

The beer pours with ample thick creamy head that holds fast to the cup.

The aroma surprises me – I expected to be hit hard with grapefruit but I wasn’t. I’ve had other local IPA’s that have a higher citrus aroma and taste. What I will say is that this IPA does indeed have a pleasant hoppy aroma but it also has a subtle aroma of real grapefruit and that is pretty awesome. It’s more authentic.

Let’s sip it down shall we.

This beer has a fine mouth feel, it is smooth as butter with a nice level of carbonation. The grapefruit to my pallate is not strong but I am fighting a cold so I may revisit the beer. What I do find very fine is that its quite a nice sippping IPA. I expected because it indeed was brewed with grapefruit that I might get something rough and bitter but it wasn’t like that. While there is a bitterness to it, its very smooth and easy drinking in a good way.

I really like this IPA and would recommend it, it’s got class and I can see myself buying it again in the near future.

Cheers all.

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