Beer Review: Coal Harbour Brewing – Triumph Rye Ale

Once again I’ve got to give mad props to my co-worker Sue who has given me this beer for review.

Prior to sampling, I googled the brewery and was happy to discover this is yet another Vancouver based brewery. As it turns out, they are one of the newest on the scene, which might be why I haven’t heard of them till now. Also cool to note, the brewer is a fellow guitarslinger and I’ve gotta like that.

The beer comes in a 650 ml bottled, weighing in at 5.25% alc./vol in a bottle with a tasteful green and orange circle logo with 2 rams locking horns. I’m not sure what the significance is of the 2 rams on the cover but I’ve asked on their facebook group and will post any response in the comments.

The beer pours clean with minimal head and mild activity in the glass. It has a beautiful light copper colouring and has great clarity.

Triumph Rye Ale

Triumph Rye Ale

Let’s check the aroma… Interesting, nice balance of hops to malt and I’m not all that familiar with Rye malt beers so perhaps that’s the scent I can’t put my finger on. I’m looking forward to the first sip.

The Taste: Mmm this is a delicious beer. It kind of reminds me of a scottish beer I had that was brewed with heather. I like it, this is a nice change from the barley malt based beers I mostly encounter. It’s well balanced yet just complex enough to be interesting and not so complex that you couldn’t drink a few glasses in succession.

Coal Harbour Brewing has done a fine job on this brew and I look forward to trying more of their offerings in the near future.

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