Beer Review – Cannery Brewing – Squire Scotch Ale

I was recently furnished with a few tasty beers from my co-workers. I thank them heartily. This one pictured here is from Todd.


Cannery Brewing produces some great beers – their Maple Stout is delicious as is their Anarchist Ale and Naramada Brown. Today I sample their Squire Scotch Ale – a tasty tipple indeed. Weighing in at 6.5% alc/vol. in a 650 ml bottle, this Scotch Ale differs quite starkly from the other local Scotch Ale I have consumed (Russell Brewing – A Wee Angry Scotch Ale). When I opened this beer I was expecting a much bolder roasty malt flavour but that is not what I was greeted with. After collecting myself and realizing I wasn’t going to get a repeat of the other microbrew’s Scotch Ale, I prepared myself for a different experience.

After checking the aroma and having a taste, I realized that this beer may be more closely related to Fróech, a heather ale I once had. What I mean to say is, the beer is not overpowered by a roasted malt – sure it’s there, but there’s more subtlety going on here with the yeast and malt that make it a more balanced experience. What this means is you have a very drinkable light scotch ale with more hops and yeast in the flavour than you might find in your usual scotch ale experience.

I enjoyed this beer and while it may not be my goto beer for scotch ale, you couldn’t go wrong bringing this beer to a tasting.

For those that are unfamiliar with the scotch ale genre Click here for a nice primer.

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