Beer Review – Cannery Brewing Blackberry Porter

Cannery Brewing - Blackberry Porter

I have to thank my co-worker Sue for gifting me with this brew – she’s far too good to me.

It would have made more sense to wait and pair this with a blackberry pie or perhaps a blackberry cheese cake, but alas curiosity and a lack of patience got the best of me and I’ve cracked it open before dinner. So bad – I know… But in my defense, if I like it I’ll be sure to try the pairing next time. Promise. 🙂

Ok, lets get to it – The pour…
Nice activity in the glass, a dark pour with a bold 2 thumbs worth head that resembles the crema on top of an espresso.

Let’s check the aroma… Wow the aroma is intense, I’m definitely catching the fresh blackberry tang – very authentic.

The first sip – Yum… I like it! It’s not thick and chewy or sweet and syrupy like I expected, in fact, its almost light and summery. It’s still a porter mind you, but I think the blackberry flavoring going on in here could work with a Pilsner beer base.

The beer tastes much like it smells and as I mentioned above, this just confirms it would pair well with the deserts I mentioned.

I like the chances breweries take, and I feel there’s never been a better time to be a beer drinker in BC. I wouldn’t have made the connection of putting blackberries in beer, but somehow it works. This is just another beer in the Cannery Brewing line that I have enjoyed and they’ve earned my purchasing trust with their offerings. Big props again to Sue – thanks for the tasty brew.

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  • Thanks for being a guinea pig for us. I’ll have to grab some more and try it out with one of my blackberry desserts ~ thanks for the review so I have a heads up on what to make 😉

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