Mug Up – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada makes some fine brews, this is no exception.  A mildly sweet and hoppy pale ale with medium body and carbonation.  I could be crazy or maybe it was the sweet chili heat crispy minis I had in advance of tasting this beer, but I found a slight essence of bubble gum in the sweetness of the beer.  Mug up – definitely a repeat buy.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Update – Site Changes

Hello All,

I’ve been thinking for a while on what to do with my 2 domain names and I’ve come to a decision. will now be exclusively for music and beer related topics and all technology related topics will move to My reasoning for this is twofold.

  1. It opens up to people who might have stopped listening or reading due to the Linux content.
  2. It builds Google juice and makes me more visible on as a technologist and acts a bit like a resume.

I also am going to be pragmatic and lose the ogg only feed which limits my audience to just fellow freedom loving geeks. At this point I’m not certain I will continue the mugcast but if I do I’d like to offer ogg and mp3 feeds.  This will likely cause me to lose my listing on which makes me a bit sad but I feel strongly enough to do it anyways. The mugcast as we know it will change. Thanks for your patronage if you were a mugcast listener. Thank you for your support up until now.  New format coming soon.

KXStudio rocks my socks off

KXStudio is an audio focused Linux distribution based off of Kubuntu 10.04, and for the past week  I have been living in KXStudio on my HP Mininote.

I must confess in advance to not being a KDE 4 fan in the past,  but after living the dream in KXStudio, I’m hitting the KDE Koolaid and hitting it hard.

Sure, I could rave on about the beauty of the desktop environment and how it really enhances my work flow, but I’ll move onto the main reason I think this is an important milestone in Linux audio.

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